Accu-CT 200A, 0.75" Opening, Split Core CT, CC-ACTL-0750-200, Qty 1


Accu-CT 200A, 0.75" Opening, Split Core CT, CC-ACTL-0750-200, Qty 1

The Accu-CT family of standard and revenue-grade, split-core current transformers offers outstanding linearity, very low phase angle error, easy one-handed opening, and closing, with a safe 0.333 Vac low voltage output.

The standard Accu-CT meets IEEE C57.13 class 1.2 and when ordered with the Option C0.6, both models of the Accu-CT meet IEEE C57.13 class 0.6 accuracy standards. Both models are available in standard and revenue-grade accuracies with exceptionally low-end accuracy from 1 to 120% of primary rated current – 10x better than traditional CTs. The ACTL-1250 can also be ordered with Option C0.3 for 0.3% accuracy readings. This is especially important when SREC requirements dictate system metering accuracies meeting or exceeding ANSI C12.1-2008 specifications.

Designed specifically for the WattNode® energy and power meters, the Accu-CT is available in two window opening sizes. The ACTL-0750 has a window opening of 0.75” x 0.75” for current measurements up to 250 amps while the ACTL-1250, with its unique oval shaped window opening of 1.83” x 1.25” is designed for loads up to 600 amps. Each option C0.6 or C0.3 CT ships with a certificate of calibration.

  • Built-in burden resistor provides 0.333 Vac voltage output at the rated full scale current—no shorting blocks needed
  • UL 2808 Listed meets 2017 NEC code requirements for field installed current transformers
  • IEEE C57.13 and IEC 60044-1 accuracy: over full temperature range and down to below 1% of rated current
  • Exceptionally low phase angle error
  • Easy to open and install with one hand while wearing safety gloves
  • CE mark and RoHS complient

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2.38 in (length) × 0.9 in (width) × 2.4 in (height)
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