Victron Energy

Victron Energy has a long and storied history as a supplier of robust and reliable off-grid inverters suitable for harsh and often remote environments. The MultiPlus-II marks Victron’s arrival as a supplier of purpose-designed on-grid inverters that are suitable for approval in many on-grid markets around the world.

It’s a big development for Australia because this marks Victron’s entry as a fully-fledged player in the AS 4777 grid-connect environment. Victron Energy inverter-chargers can also be clustered to create large energy storage systems such as the Victron-based system designed to control 100kWp of solar panels and 450kWh of zinc-bromine flow
batteries at my own office in South Australia.

Victron Energy BV is a 43-year-old company based in the Netherlands that has established a global reputation as a manufacturer of robust and reliable components for autonomous power generation and solar systems. With its MultiPlus, Quattro and now the new MultiPlus-II inverter-chargers, the company continually innovates to deliver value into the energy storage sector.
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