NantEnergy’s mission is to combine technology and nature to deliver reliable, affordable green energy to everyone. The technology began with Thomas Edison who had tried to create a rechargeable zinc-derived battery, but the problem of zinc rechargeability bedeviled him. Over 100 years later, NantEnergy has solved that problem and has proven the viability and global scalability of deployment of the system. Now tested and refined for over the past six years, with the $100 per kWh barrier broken, large scale deployment can begin.

The concept of adapting nature and biology to address the issues facing our planet, including the need to reduce hydrocarbons, is fundamental to their work at NANT. The air-breathing rechargeable zinc smart storage system epitomizes this vision. This is the first energy system that combines zinc, an essential mineral energy source needed for prenatal growth and the human body, with oxygen, an essential gas needed by every living cell, with the power of the sun to generate a chemical reaction in a sustained, repeatable, rechargeable manner, generating electrons and energy. By harnessing biology, chemistry, the air, and the sun NantEnergy is designing energy sources of the future to electrify the world.

Zinc occurs naturally in the earth and in the food we eat; it is healthful and abundant. The desire to develop zinc as a source of rechargeable energy has eluded scientists for a century. By harnessing nature and technology, NantEnergy has created a path to solve carbon and other types of pollution and establish low-cost, decentralized energy which can provide power to people everywhere.