GS Yuasa

The GS Yuasa Group, which started with the lead-acid battery business, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017. At present, GS Yuasa businesses include batteries, power supply systems, lighting equipment, and other electrical devices. In addition to the usage of energy, energy storage technologies are becoming increasingly diversified. Great expectations are directed from various directions at products that can be utilized in new energy fields, such as photovoltaic power and lithium-ion batteries—a new business for GS Yuasa.

GS Yuasa will leverage the technologies they have developed over the past 100 years and continue taking on the challenge of developing cutting-edge technologies. In this way, they hope to become a driving force in the future. Keeping this desire in mind, they will work hard every day to contribute to building richer, more hopeful societies for people across the world based on their Corporate Policy of “Innovation and Growth.”