Aerocompact® leaves nothing to be desired in the area of aerodynamic ballast solar mount technology. As a medium sized company with headquarters in North Carolina, Aerocompact® is operating internationally with manufacturing plants and offices in United States and Europe.

They specialize and focus in the production of competitive aerodynamic flat roof systems for photovoltaic modules and their integration and structural analysis. Manufacturer SST Solar USA says the Aerocompact S has an assembly time of 10 minutes per kWp. Their team consists of approximately 30 qualified staff members which are specially trained on our unique product line and can develop individual projects in a modern work environment.

Aerocompact offers customers unique solutions that are constantly being maintained, and a state of the art in technology, design and safety. In addition, to their unbeatable products, they include a strong personal customer service for the most satisfaction which we achieve daily.

Their mission is to protect the ecologic environment and we are trying to implement the efficient use of energy. The increased use of solar energy will protect our primary energy resources and spare the world of using our precious nonrenewable energy. It is their pleasure to be part of an important and much needed revolution.