Solar financing calculator

CivicSolar understands that sometimes financing is needed to get your solar projects up and running. We've created a solar calculator to help you estimate how much funding you'll need, what your payments and payback period would be.


  1. Enter the system information for your project
  2. Explore different payment options
  3. Compare results

System Size(W)
Install Cost($/W) -->
Annual Production(kWh/kW)
Current Electric Bill($)
Loan Option(length)Select Year12 Year20 YearCash


30% Federal ITC $0000.00
Monthly Payments (Month 1-18) $0000.00
Monthly Payments (Month 19+) $0000.00
Avg Cost of Electricity (per kWh over loan period) $0000.00
Total Payments $0000.00
Estimated Savings $0000.00


Calculation assumes monetizing the 30% ITC within 18 months of the loan and 2% adjusted annual electricity inflation. Loan terms and interest rate assumes 680+ FICO score and good credit.