8.12 kW Residential Install

Ecogen Services installed an 8.12 kW residential grid-tied system at the end of 2016 for a customer in Worcester, Massachusetts.
This roof mount system is comprised of Panasonic 325W modules, a SolarEdge 7.6 inverter and P400 optimizers, and IronRidge racking. Project Description: The goal was to provide a high-efficiency solar PV system, which was achieved through the module-level optimization provided by SolarEdge using Panasonic solar panels with industry-leading power density. This customer had specific aesthetic concerns as well as output desires, steering Ecogen toward this particular equipment combination, which happens to be top of its class in the market today. This sleek PV system was installed with all black racking materials, and panels with a black frame. About the Installer: Based out of Millbury, Ecogen Services, LLC is a leading energy services company covering all of Massachusetts. Specializing in solar, roofing, and electrical services, Ecogen is fully-equipped to meet their customers' demands to save money while going green and looking great on the roof.

Millbury, MA 01527
United States

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