8 kW Silver City NM Ground Mount

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Dement Electric, with CivicSolar’s assistance, made this challenging ground mount installation in beautiful Southern New Mexico a reality

Dement Electric Inc set out with the goal of offsetting as much of the electric load as possible. The home has a swimming pool with an electric pump and heater, which caused the owners to have an unmanaged monthly bill. However, the homeowners couldn’t have anything obstructing the view from their New Mexico residence, so a low profile design was key. 

Dement Electric, with CivicSolar’s assistance, took on the challenge to meet these objectives.  In only four days of construction, they were able to design and install a 8 kW solar PV system which offset about 90% of their electrical draw, and that didn’t obstruct the look and feel of their south western gem of a home. 

Keeping the aesthetics of this wonderful home was a major requirement for the project but reducing their electric bill was paramount.  This project and the happy customer is a representation of another success story for Dement Electric.


Silver City, NM 88061
United States

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