7.8kW Panasonic 325 HIT Ground Mount

24 Panasonic HIT N325 Modules
SolarEdge 7.6kW Inverter
Side view of the Unirac/Panasonic Ground Mount
Construction of the Unirac ground mount
In the Texas sun, this ground mount will produce an estimated 40kWh of energy daily with Panasonic 325W modules.

The design and material choice on this project was driven primarily by two factors: energy use of the home and limited roof/yard space. With air conditioners running all summer long, the homeowners sought to offset as much of their energy usage as possible. Unfortunately roof and yard space were very tight.

For this reason Sweetwater Energy Services suggested a backyard ground mount using one of the most efficient modules on the market, the Panasonic 325W HIT.  This 96 cell module has the same physical footprint as a standard 60 cell, but boasts cell efficiency over 19%. 

To further maximize energy yield the Panasonic modules are paired with a SolarEdge inverter and optimizers. P400 optmizers were a must on this project as the Voc of the 325W modules is 69.6V. 

The system is racked on the Unirac ULA fixed tilt mounting system. 


Friendswood, TX 77546
United States

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