5.8 kW System on Decra-Tile Roof in Pacific Beach

Successful installation
Mounting the L-feet
Mounting the L-feet detail view
Rails mounted on L-feet
Enphase microinverters mounted on rails
Detail view of junction box
Very beautiful installation in Pacific beach in San Diego. Jon used Siliken SLK 245 watts solar panels, together with Enphase M215 microinverters.

Here are some of my pictures of my solar installation completed and on line August 5th, 2011.  

The picture of the wood on the trellis is my temporary work platform which I could stage my tools and materials from. The roof is a Decra-tile roof which was a bit tricky to work on and figure out the best way to mount the panels since the metal roof itself is not structural. Any questions please ask.


San Diego, CA 92109
United States

Total size