47 kW Roof Install for the Gainesville, FL Feed-in Tariff

Perfect Alignment
Inverter setup
Tilt Legs
Finished Product
CivicSolar is proud to assist Power Production Management, of Gainesville, Florida, in this commercial install on Precision Glass and Storefront.

Once again, long-time CivicSolar partner Power Production Management has completed a fantastic looking solar project.  The installation is part of Gainesville Regional Utilities' feed-in-tariff(FiT) program, based on the highly successful Germany FiT program, and is hosted by Precision Glass and Storefront. 

With the newest line of SMA Sunny Boy inverters, featuring efficiencies of 98% and AFCI protection, and top quality racking products in Ironridge and Ejot, this system is a testament to Power Production Management's commitment to unsurpassable quality.

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Gainesville, FL 32653
United States

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