14.42 kW Maricopa, AZ Residential Solar

Maricopa AZ Residential Solar Install
SolarEdge Inverter
Residential Meter

This is a homeowner designed and installed residential 14.42kWDC grid-tied array installed just south of Phoenix, Arizona. It is expected to generate approximately 28,000kWh annually.

The array consists of 56 QCells Pro G3 255W panels, each connected to a SolarEdge P300 power optimizer, divided into four strings and split between two 6kW SolarEdge inverters.  By using SolarEdge power optimizers, both portrait and landscape mounted panels could be used in the same string without penalty.  The panels and optimizers are mounted to IronRidge XR1000 rails which are mounted to a 4/12 pitch engineered truss roof using QuickMount PV flat tile mounts.

Civic Solar sales staff assisted with product selections and their engineering team produced a professional permit package to my specifications for filing with my permitting authority and utility company.  They then continued to work though all local code requirements, making minor adjustments until the plans were accepted.

All standard and custom signage was sourced from pvlabels.com.

This system was completely installed and commissioned within 2 weeks of the parts arriving and is a testament to the fact that an adventurous homeowner can install their own solar array, saving a great deal of money in the process.  Special thanks to my Dad for his help with this project.


Maricopa, AZ 85138
United States

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