Mounting Grounding Lugs and Grounding Clips

Mounting Grounding Lugs and Grounding Clips
Grounding lugs and clips are among the most important part of solar photovoltaic systems. Figuring out how many lugs and clips you'd use during the installation is also helpful when ordering the right number of products.

Grounding lugs and clips rank among the most important parts of photovoltaic systems. This article briefly shows how to figure out the number of clips and lugs needed during installations.

Grounding Clips (WEEB - PMC, UMC, SMC)

Order one grounding clip for every two top mounting clamps (mid + end clamps).

Basically, the grounding clips are used to ground each module with the rail. You don't need clips for every clamp. The red cross marks the location of the grounding clips.

Click to download the installation manual in .pdf version.

Grounding Lugs (WEEBL 6.7, WEEBL 8.0)

Order one grounding lug for each span of rail and two for each rail splice. Mainly, you would need one grounding lug for each rail span. However, you have to bond the rail segments that are connected with a splice. For each splice you would either buy one bonding jumper or two grounding lugs. The red cross marks the location of the grounding lugs.


Thanks for this article.  Question what is the difference between the Weebl 6.7 and the Weebl 8.0 grounding lug?

Thank you. The only difference is the bolt diamter size. Installation of the WEEB is the same. The size depends on which brand of racking equipment you are using.

eg. Unirac requires WEEBL 6.7, Schuco WEEBL 8.0.

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