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About Web Ordering From CivicSolar

Thank you for placing an order with CivicSolar.  We provide two ordering options:

  • Purchase - After you submit a purchase web order your account manager will review it, add shipping charges, add sales tax (if applicable), then convert it into a Sales Order for your approval. You will receive a notification of this approval request by email, with a direct link to review and sign off on the Sales Order. Following your approval, payment will be due in accordance with the payment terms stated on the approved Sales Order and payment instructions will be provided.
  • Professional Review - No Purchase Required - After you submit a professional review web order your account manager will review it with you, answer any questions you may have, and make any necessary adjustments.  If you decide to purchase just let your account manager know and he or she will be happy to place the order for you. You are under no obligation to purchase a professional review order.