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The photovoltaic (PV) module supplier landscape has experienced its fair share of ups and downs over the last several years, from initial bankruptcies of smaller, unproven suppliers to a slew of exits by large, diversified conglomerates to the well-documented rise and fall of former number one players.However, the solar industry is beginning to see important differences in supplier philosophies and priorities. Jinko, owner of the world’s best-selling modules in 2016, has differentiated itself with statistics like zero power output warranty claims since 2011, on-time delivery rate better than 99.97%. Now, Jinko is being recognized for their success by being named the 16th fastest-growing company by Fortune Magazine.   

Jinko has redefined vertical integration in the solar industry. The company manufactures in China, Malaysia, South Africa, and Portugal and has start to finish in-house manufacturing; 3.5 GW of ingots and wafers, 3.5 GW of cells, and 6.5 GW of modules, even making its own frames, connectors, and junction boxes. The company’s modules are also among the most tested in the industry by leading 3rd party laboratories, including names like TUV and PVEL. Jinko is the first Chinese manufacturer to achieve Q+ certification, more stringent than the standard IEC 61215, and now recommended by the California Energy Commission. Jinko modules all have strong wind/snow loads and are backed by 10-year workmanship and 25-year linear power warranties.  

But vertical integration also means delivering on-time and offering exceptional pre- and post-sale customer service. Ultimately, Jinko stays connected to its customers at every step and remains responsive to what they need, right when they need it. When it comes down to it, that vertical integration and business philosophy have led to zero power warranty claims and an on-time delivery rate better than 99.97% since 2011.  Jinko has a proven track record of taking care of customers and always seeks to bring them the very best solar solutions. 

Since its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010, Jinko has gained market share wherever it sells, particularly in the US, where the company has gone from 100 megawatts annually in 2013 to a projected 2 gigawatts in 2016.  Jinko now has the largest addressable utility-scale market share in the U.S. Overall, Jinko has shipped 15 GW worldwide, with more than 3 GW deployed in the US alone.  The reliability of its financials and its products has given 85 banks worldwide the peace of mind to approve projects using Jinko modules.   

Another reason for Jinko’s success is the tailored products it has for various applications. Its newest module series, the Eagle polycrystalline module, is the world’s first framed PID-free module at 85 degrees Celsius and 85% relative humidity, a good choice for humid environments or systems that use transformerless inverters. Eagle modules also come with a 1500 volt option, allowing for longer strings and lowering balance of system costs in utility-scale designs. The modules have industry-leading real world performance ratios, making them well suited to the rigors placed on commercial generation assets.



If performance is of the utmost importance, customers should consider the Eagle MX, which has cell-string level maximum power point tracking, allowing for optimal performance in shading situations or tighter row-to-row configurations. Unlike traditional module-level optimizers, electronic chips reside inside the junction box at the cell string level, meaning no additional hardware and less time mounting traditional optimizers. For the first time, every cell string can harvest optimal energy. Cell-string level optimization also eliminates the possibility of module hot spots, which may reduce module power degradation over time.  Paired with a rapid shutdown combiner, this system is fully compliant with Article 690.12 of NEC 2014.  

Jinko has reached the pinnacle of the global solar industry because it values its customers.  Customers return to Jinko because they believe in Jinko’s brand promise- a modern, open-minded business partner committed to delivering quality modules with unquestioned pre- and post- sales operations and service.  

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