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  1. How do you hook up wireless Enphase Envoy EMU?

    Asked 12/05/2010

    NEC & OESC require that any outdoor communications cables be grounded and protected by a surge protector within 10 ft of entering a ho

    Question – 2 comments

  2. How do I size AC trunk cables for Enphase D380 microinverters?

    Asked 12/05/2010

    I purchased Enphase D380 twin pack micro inverters for my solar installation.  I have 20 ET Solar 230 black solar panels .

    Question – 4 comments

  3. How do I request reservation for the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program?

    Asked 11/28/2010

    I am working with a customer to design a solar installation for their new home construction in Laguna Beach, CA.   My customer will not co

    Question – 2 comments

  4. Can you use four smaller 80 W panels with a single Enphase inverter?

    Asked 11/21/2010

    I currently have 4 80 watt Photowatt pw750-80.   I would like to try to use them with an Enphase Micro-inverter.

    Question – 2 comments

  5. Do I use negative or positive grounding for 3 Phase inverters?

    Asked 11/18/2010

    I am working on an install with SunPower solar panels and I want to use a Solectria PVI60 which is a 60 kW 3 phase inverter.  Can it be in

    Question – 1 comment

  6. Where should I start for learning about installing solar PV on my RV?

    Asked 11/10/2010

    Hi, I am a newbie to solar power.

    Question – 2 comments

  7. What type of transformer is required to step down the 240V delta service connection?

    Asked 11/04/2010

    My customer is installing a 250 kW ground mounted solar installation in New Jersey with a service connection that requires a three phase 2

    Question – 3 comments

  8. What's the difference between RB and NRB Square D disconnects?

    Asked 11/03/2010

    I need a 600V/ 60A DC disconnect for my PV system. I've realised that there two available Square D disconnects in your website.

    Question – 2 comments

  9. What is a three line electrical diagram? What does it differ from one line diagram?

    Asked 10/19/2010

    I started for a volunteering for a foundation who installs solar systems.

    Question – 1 comment

  10. Do I need SMA Sunny Beam device if I am using Sunny Explorer with a PC?

    Asked 10/14/2010

    I purchased both the Sunny Beam and Piggyback card.  If I am using Sunny Explore, It appears to me that I do not need the Sunny Beam Devic

    Question – 2 comments

  11. How do you size a charge controller for an off grid solar PV installation?

    Asked 10/06/2010

    Can anyone point me to information about how to size a charge controller for my off-grid solar installation?   

    Question – 2 comments

  12. A great practical solar PV application: Off Grid Food Cart!

    Asked 09/07/2010

    Solar Entrepreneurs, Ashley and Dan have launched their new food cart in Portland named "Off the Griddle".

    Question – 4 comments

  13. How do I connect a charge controller to my RV?

    Asked 08/25/2010

    I have two 12V batteries run in parallel.  The connection from the RV has the positive connected to the first battery and the negative con

    Question – 3 comments

  14. How much power do I need in order to run solar street lights for 9 hours?

    Asked 08/23/2010

    How much battery power do I need in order to run my lights for 9hrs I have an 85 Watts solar panel and a 100 watts win turbine that run

    Question – 1 comment

  15. How to wire modules with factory MC connectors in parallel?

    Asked 07/31/2010

    When I'm wiring the panels in multiple strings do I just move the wires to the correct terminals to get the series connections.

    Question – 1 comment

  16. How do I integrate another inverter into an existing setup?

    Asked 07/30/2010

    I currently have a working setup involving a SW4024 inverter. I need more power.

    Question – 4 comments

  17. What size solar PV system do I need for my off grid cabin?

    Asked 07/29/2010

    I have a very small primitive cabin that I'm working on in the Sierra mountains.

    Question – 3 comments

  18. How do I estimate shading?

    Asked 07/29/2010

    Is there a calculation method or an instrument?

    Question – 3 comments

  19. What is the difference between Kyocera KD135GX-LPU and KD135SX-UPU 135 watt modules?

    Asked 05/14/2010

    What is the difference between the Kyocera KD135GX-LPU and the KD135SX-UPU 135 Watt solar panels?  

    Question – 2 comments

  20. How do I size racking and mounting for a solar installation?

    Asked 04/20/2010

    I am working on a solar installation and I want to know if there is a good tool that will give me my required bill of materials for rackin

    Question – 2 comments

  21. Do you know any reliable firms in production modeling for grid tied systems?

    Asked 03/24/2010

    Anybody know any reliable firms engaged in production modeling?

    Question – 2 comments

  22. How do you install solar PV system for multi-family and multi-unit buildings?

    Asked 03/15/2010

    I am putting together a solar installation design for a multi-family building.

    Question – 5 comments

  23. How do you size a solar system?

    Asked 03/05/2010

    I am working on sizing a solar power system for a residential customer.  How do you calculate how many panels for a system?  How do you de

    Question – 1 comment

  24. What are Bypass Diode, Blocking Diode and Isolation Diode?

    Asked 03/02/2010

    What is the difference between a bypass diode, a blocking diode and an isolation diode? 

    Question – 1 comment

  25. What does the inverter voltage specifications represent?

    Asked 03/01/2010

    I notice some inverter specifications show AC nominal voltage as a single number, such as 208 V or 240 V, etc?

    Question – 3 comments