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  1. Fuse Ratings and Choosing the Correct Fuse

    Added by Levent Bas on 05/23/2011

    One of the most important aspects of electrical wiring of photovoltaic systems is fusing.

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  2. Galvanic Corrosion and Protection in Solar PV Installations

    Added by Levent Bas on 05/16/2011

    What is galvanic corrosion?


  3. NEMA Rating and IP Code for Enclosure Types

    Added by Levent Bas on 04/14/2011

    NEMA stands for National Electrical Manufacturer Association.


  4. Mounting Grounding Lugs and Grounding Clips

    Added by Levent Bas on 04/11/2011

    Grounding lugs and clips rank among the most important parts of photovoltaic systems.

    Article – 2 comments

  5. Technical Support Contacts of Solar Manufacturers

    Added by Levent Bas on 03/29/2011

    Below is a list of direct technical support contact telephone numbers of the solar panel, inverter, charge controller, battery and racking

    Article – 2 comments

  6. Buy American (ARRA) Compliant Solar Panels

    Added by Levent Bas on 03/28/2011

    A detailed desciption on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the Buy American provision can be found in the recent artic

    Article – 4 comments

  7. How do MPPT charge controllers work?

    Added by Levent Bas on 03/17/2011

    The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is a higher efficient DC-DC converter technology compared to "shunt controller" and &quo


  8. How to Mount Unirac SolarMount Tilt Legs

    Added by Levent Bas on 03/09/2011

    Unirac Solarmount low profile and high profile tilt legs are great options for both roof mount and ground mount solutions.

    Article – 3 comments

  9. Ironridge Pole Mount Sizing and Installation

    Added by Levent Bas on 02/28/2011

    Since Unirac no longer manufactures their Top of Pole Mount product line anymore and they have limited availability in their stocks, most

    Article – 2 comments

  10. What components does a Solar PV system require?

    Added by Levent Bas on 01/21/2011

    Solar photo-voltaic systems do not only consist of solar modules and inverters.

    Article – 3 comments

  11. Types of Solar PV Connectors and Couplers

    Added by Levent Bas on 01/06/2011

    Connectors are among the main distinguishing features of the modules. They are used in order to prevent misconnection.

    Article – 6 comments

  12. Enphase D380 Twin Pack Micro Inverter Installation

    Added by Levent Bas on 12/09/2010

    Enphase Energy D380 Twin Pack micro inverter is the "dual" version of the Enphase Energy M190 Micro inverters .

    Article – 6 comments

  13. Wire Resistance and Voltage Drop

    Added by Levent Bas on 12/09/2010

    Polly Friendshuh, an instructor at Electrical Construction and Maintenance department of  Dunwoody College of Technology , explains how

    Article – 1 comment

  14. Electric Cargo Bikes Powered by a Solar Charging Station

    Added by Stuart Fox on 12/04/2010

    Here's an experiment put together by the staff at CivicSolar in San Francisco and Splendid Cycles in Portland, OR.

    Article – 3 comments

  15. Battery Life and Performance Factors

    Added by Levent Bas on 12/03/2010

    There are multiple factors that significantly affect the life of a battery.

    Article – 2 comments

  16. RV and Marine Solar PV Systems with Batteries

    Added by Levent Bas on 11/15/2010

    Installing solar PV modules on an RV has become very popular among American and Canadian families in recent years - with the objective of

    Article – 4 comments

  17. Solar PV Racking Options - Comparison Chart

    Added by Levent Bas on 10/12/2010

    Racking and mounting can often be the most complicated portion of a solar PV system installation.

    Article – 2 comments

  18. Design Your Own Solar PV System

    Added by Levent Bas on 09/29/2010

    A solar project smaller than 2.5 kW takes only a few days to design and install.

    Article – 5 comments

  19. An Intro to Circuit Breakers and Main Electrical Panels

    Added by Levent Bas on 09/15/2010

    Marc Donavan of HomeEditionPlus talks about the use and importance of circuit breakers in home electrical wiring.

    Article – 3 comments

  20. Wire Types for Solar PV Installations

    Added by Levent Bas on 08/19/2010

    Wire types vary in conductor material and insulation.

    Article – 5 comments

  21. What is an Inverter/ Charger?

    Added by Levent Bas on 08/18/2010

    Inverters/Chargers are reliable power sources for continuous backup applications.  Usually, an inverter/charger has two modes: 1) I


  22. Maximizing Residential Solar Panel System Performance

    Added by Residential Sol... on 08/10/2010

    We recently attended the Intersolar North America conference in San Francisco and spent some time talking with installers, distributors,

    Article – 3 comments

  23. Mounting Solar Modules and Estimating Parts

    Added by Levent Bas on 07/27/2010

    Some of the most important questions for most installers and DIY solar enthusiasts concern mounting solar panels. There are many high qual

    Article – 13 comments

  24. Home Solar System with Batteries

    Added by Levent Bas on 07/23/2010

    Dave shares his experience with solar through this video.

    Article – 10 comments

  25. Wiring Reference Guide

    Added by Levent Bas on 07/20/2010

    Proper wire selection is critical for safety as well as system performance.

    Article – 2 comments