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Michael Paler
Director of Technology
18 years experience

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  1. The 120% Rule - “What is it and why it is important?”

    Added by Adam Diehl on 6 days ago

    When it comes to designing a PV system for any residential or even commercial system the limit to how much a building or structure can h


  2. Microgrid Regulatory Policy in the US

    Added by Conor Walsh on 11/10/2014

      Our nation’s electric grid is currently characterized by large centralized generators supplying the majority of demand through


  3. Inverters in AC-Coupled Systems

    Added by Eric Lorenz on 11/10/2014

    The gaining popularity of AC-coupled PV systems brings to light a subtle, yet key difference between the two types of inverters used in


  4. Grid Connections- 240V High Leg Delta

    Added by Stuart Fox on 10/26/2014

      The North American electrical grid hasn’t changed much over the years, but it does contain a wide range of voltages and config


  5. Going Off-Grid with Solar Volume 2

    Added by Adam Diehl on 10/19/2014

    Volume 2 - SOLAR OFF-GRID BASICS Introduction In this installment of “Going Off-Grid with Solar” we ar


  6. Dual MPPT Inverters

    Added by Eric Lorenz on 10/08/2014

    When I first became aware of dual MPPT inverters I asked myself, "Self, why didn't you think of that?"  This simple,


  7. Continued Evolution of Power Conversion

    Added by Stuart Fox on 10/08/2014

    As the solar industry looks for new ways to increase efficiency and drive down cost, inverters have gone from the relatively simple to d


  8. Solectria - Array Oversizing

    Added by Stuart Fox on 10/05/2014

        Introduction PV system designers and developers are tasked with the important decision of


  9. Going Off-Grid with Solar

    Added by Adam Diehl on 09/19/2014

    Volume 1 - SOLAR OFF-GRID BASICS Introduction Over the next few months I will discuss with you the top


  10. Two Mobile Apps to Get Things Done and Reduce Paper Waste

    Added by Eric Lorenz on 09/18/2014

    I am totally psyched with useful tools, especially those that come in the form of mobile apps.


  11. Growing Solar Market in Mexico

    Added by Charlie Seltzer on 09/02/2014

    ¿Vamos pa’ México?   Several factors make the Mexican solar market exciting to solar professionals.


  12. Power Optimizer

    Added by Charlie Seltzer on 07/21/2014

    Why Use a Power Optimizer?


  13. PV Interconnect

    Added by Marco Casalegno on 07/15/2014

    PV INTERCONNECTION   The majority of US residential and commercial PV systems are grid-interactive (or g

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  14. SolarWorld Features & Benefits

    Added by Stuart Fox on 06/25/2014

          High-performance, Superior Quality, Made in America                               


  15. Value of Solar Tariff (VOST) law

    Added by Charlie Seltzer on 05/20/2014

    The solarcoaster continued its frenzied ride into 2014, powered by international commercial intrigue and a concerted anti-NEM effort from

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  16. Solar as an Investment

    Added by Doug Faust on 05/19/2014

    Solar as an Investment An Analysis of Tools Employed to Evaluate the Financial Benefits of a Solar PV System


  17. Trade Rulings, Solar Module Prices, and You

    Added by Scott Mueller on 04/29/2014

    *CivicSolar does not advocate for either side.

    Article – 1 comment

  18. XR Rail Family - Tech Brief

    Added by Stuart Fox on 04/28/2014

      Solar Is Not Always Sunny Over their lifetime, solar panels experience countless extreme weat


  19. Advantages of Distributed and Central Architectures in Solar

    Added by Michael Goldberg on 04/25/2014

    Executive Summary   Which is the better architecture in a photovoltaic (PV) array: distributed or central?


  20. Solectria Renewables FAQ

    Added by Stuart Fox on 04/24/2014

      I want to use lugs with a termination rating of 90°C. Why doesn't Solectria offer them?


  21. Aerocompact - FAQ

    Added by Stuart Fox on 04/16/2014

      Frequently asked questions:   What is Aerocom


  22. Aerocompact - The Unbeatable Flat-Roof Solution

    Added by Stuart Fox on 04/15/2014

      Welcome to the Future Aerocompact® is the new benchmar


  23. CPS Inverter Portfolio

    Added by Nicholas Yeh on 04/14/2014

    Overview CPS SCA3/4/5KTL series inverter is suitable for use with most household grid-tied systems.


  24. Fire rating of PV systems

    Added by Stuart Fox on 04/07/2014

    T he International Code Council (ICC) develops a family of building codes that pertain to photovoltaic (PV) installations.

    Article – 3 comments

  25. A Better Inverter Architecture for Commercial Rooftops

    Added by Nicholas Yeh on 04/02/2014

    The commercial segment of the North American solar market has traditionally used large, central inverters to convert the DC power of the P