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  1. To Clean or not to Clean my Snow Covered Solar Panels?

    Added by Stuart Fox on 02/11/2013

    Effect on Production It's a well known fact that as temperature drops below 77 degrees F (the temperature at which modules are


  2. Solar Power for Charging The Electric Car

    Added by Phil Green on 10/21/2011

    Many people forget that most electric cars are recharged by plugging into an electric grid which is customarily fueled by coal, nukes or o

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  3. Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC)

    Added by Camilla Jacks on 10/13/2011

    In a grid-tied Solar PV System unused energy can be sent back to the utility at the grid connection. Solar PV system owners receive utilit

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  4. Balance of System (BOS) for Solar PV

    Added by Guest on 10/10/2011

    A Solar PV Balance-of-System or BOS refers to the components and equipment that move DC energy produced by solar panels through the conver

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  5. Microinverter Application for Off-Grid PV Systems

    Added by Guest on 10/06/2011

    Approximately 5%-30% of collected energy is lost or wasted while an inverter converts DC power from solar PV to AC power. Inverter efficie

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  6. Solyndra’s Bankruptcy and the Future of US Solar Manufacturing

    Added by New Contact on 09/26/2011

    On August 31, 2011, American solar module manufacturer, Solyndra announced bankruptcy.

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  7. Pros and Cons of Battery Backup PV Systems

    Added by Guest on 09/14/2011

    Since PV systems produce electricity directly from sunlight and maximize the efficiency of energy collection, it may seem like adding or c

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  8. Solar Panel Cleaning

    Added by Kevin Tai on 07/29/2011

    When it comes to keeping your solar panels clean, the most asked questions are why, how, and how often?  Why keep solar panels clean?

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  9. Standing Seam Metal Roof Application

    Added by Ken Crawley on 07/06/2011

    I rebuilt my roof for 150 MPH winds, or for the zombie-near miss tornado.  It is 22 gauge steel, white color with 85% reflectance.  The se

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  10. Calculation of Array Tilt Angle based on Time Of Use (TOU)

    Added by Brian Hansen on 06/06/2011

    To determine the ideal tilt for your application, the following information is needed: whether you're optimizing your arra


  11. Galvanic Corrosion and Protection in Solar PV Installations

    Added by Levent Bas on 05/16/2011

    What is galvanic corrosion?


  12. Technical Support Contacts of Solar Manufacturers

    Added by Levent Bas on 03/29/2011

    Below is a list of direct technical support contact telephone numbers of the solar panel, inverter, charge controller, battery and racking

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  13. What components does a Solar PV system require?

    Added by Levent Bas on 01/21/2011

    Solar photo-voltaic systems do not only consist of solar modules and inverters.

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  14. Electric Cargo Bikes Powered by a Solar Charging Station

    Added by Stuart Fox on 12/04/2010

    Here's an experiment put together by the staff at CivicSolar in San Francisco and Splendid Cycles in Portland, OR.

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  15. RV and Marine Solar PV Systems with Batteries

    Added by Levent Bas on 11/15/2010

    Installing solar PV modules on an RV has become very popular among American and Canadian families in recent years - with the objective of

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  16. Design Your Own Solar PV System

    Added by Levent Bas on 09/29/2010

    A solar project smaller than 2.5 kW takes only a few days to design and install.

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  17. An Intro to Circuit Breakers and Main Electrical Panels

    Added by Levent Bas on 09/15/2010

    Marc Donavan of HomeEditionPlus talks about the use and importance of circuit breakers in home electrical wiring.

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  18. Wire Types for Solar PV Installations

    Added by Levent Bas on 08/19/2010

    Wire types vary in conductor material and insulation.

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