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  1. XR Rail Family - Tech Brief

    Added by Stuart Fox on 04/28/2014

      Solar Is Not Always Sunny Over their lifetime, solar panels experience countless extreme weat


  2. Make Solar Stronger - IronRidge

    Added by Stuart Fox on 03/30/2014

      Make Solar Stonger IronRidge pit our XR rails against the competition by driving a 9,000 lb


  3. FAQ Integrated Grounding & Flash Foot

    Added by Stuart Fox on 03/28/2014

           Integrated Grounding FAQ Is UL 2703 a new standard?


  4. XR Rail Family - Updates, Value Proposition & Talking Points

    Added by Stuart Fox on 03/28/2014

      Product Updates IronRidge is expanding its X


  5. IronRidge Training Videos

    Added by Stuart Fox on 03/03/2014

        Training Videos IronRidge trainer shows how to install different IronRidge systems in these short how-to vid


  6. Professional Solar Products FAQ

    Added by Stuart Fox on 03/02/2014

    ProSolar is one of the many suppliers that partners with CivicSolar to bring its product offerings to our customers.


  7. Using the WEEB solution for grounding in solar applications?

    Added by Phil Green on 02/27/2012

    Grounding PV modules to reduce or eliminate shock and fire hazards is necessary and required by the National Electrica


  8. How much of a load does a solar array add to a roof?

    Added by Onur Turna on 02/15/2012

    Evaluating the ability of a roof to support solar panels requires assessing the condition and construction of th


  9. What are the major roof types for installing solar?

    Added by Onur Turna on 01/03/2012

    As long as there is enough space and enough access to the sun, solar panels can be installed on just about any roof.

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  10. How to find rafters on a roof for a solar installation

    Added by Onur Turna on 01/02/2012

    Safety Note:  Whenever working on a roof, use adequate fall protection.  An essential part of installing PV racking

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  11. Electrical Noise Emissions from a Solar PV Inverter / Charger

    Added by Damian Waco on 01/02/2012

    Electrical interference is a problem that might be encountered with solar power system electronics.

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  12. How do you space a ground-mounted array?

    Added by Phil Green on 12/19/2011

    Here are some  pointers for a well designed ground-mounted array.

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  13. Can an inverter be installed outdoors?

    Added by Damian Waco on 12/13/2011

    There are many inverters for PV systems that can be installed outdoors.


  14. Solar Powered Water Pumping

    Added by Damian Waco on 12/05/2011

    Any renewable energy source can make the electricity needed to power various appliances, including pumps.

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  15. String Inverter or microinverter, which is the right way to go?

    Added by Damian Waco on 11/29/2011

    Normal.dotm 0 0 1 120 684 5 1 840 12.0


  16. How Heat Affects Solar Panel Efficiency

    Added by Damian Waco on 11/08/2011

    Normal.dotm 0 0 1 120 684 5 1 840 12.0

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  17. How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

    Added by Damian Waco on 11/01/2011

    The number most often referenced for the lifetime of a Silicon (Si) based solar panel is about 25 years.  Solar panels are an expensive up

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  18. Solar Power for Charging The Electric Car

    Added by Phil Green on 10/21/2011

    Many people forget that most electric cars are recharged by plugging into an electric grid which is customarily fueled by coal, nukes or o

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  19. Sizing the DC Disconnect for Solar PV Systems

    Added by Stuart Fox on 10/20/2011

    A solar PV system typically has two safety disconnects. The first is the PV disconnect (or Array DC Disconnect).

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  20. Balance of System (BOS) for Solar PV

    Added by Guest on 10/10/2011

    A Solar PV Balance-of-System or BOS refers to the components and equipment that move DC energy produced by solar panels through the conver

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  21. Microinverter Application for Off-Grid PV Systems

    Added by Guest on 10/06/2011

    Approximately 5%-30% of collected energy is lost or wasted while an inverter converts DC power from solar PV to AC power. Inverter efficie

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  22. Transformerless Inverters for Solar PV

    Added by Guest on 09/26/2011

    What is a transformerless (TL) inverter?

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  23. Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Certification

    Added by New Contact on 09/22/2011

    NRTL certification means your solar panels and solar modules conform to safety, health, and environmental standards as required by: NEC

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  24. How To Choose An Electrical Circuit Breaker

    Added by Romain Mirouse on 08/19/2011

    What is a circuit breaker?


  25. Pure Sine vs. Modified Sine Wave Inverters

    Added by Onur Turna on 08/04/2011

    Both photovoltaic modules and batteries use direct current (DC) power.