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  1. I want to use Tigo Maximizers for an off-grid project. Is it required to use the Energy Maximizer Management Unit?

    Asked 07/22/2014


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  2. I have a xantrex Jazz Portable Power 300C I have lost my charger/ac adaptor wire. How/where can I find a replacement? Thanks

    Asked 06/02/2014

    I lost my wire that charges up the battery from my AC source (home).


  3. do I need to remove the blue cellophane wrapped on the flashing before installing under shingles and why or why not?

    Asked 05/27/2014

    I am installing solar on a shingle roof in florida, the flashing came wrapped in blue cellophane.


  4. Is a Deka 10U1L battery 12 volt?

    Asked 05/23/2014

    I have a Deka 10U1L I am trying to charge.It does not indicate weather it is 6or12 volt.

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  5. How can you best quantify the financial value of a module with a better warranty?

    Asked 04/23/2014

    I see that the QCells solar modules have a better warranty than other manufacturers.

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  6. why does the solar edge inverter go to night mode?

    Asked 04/20/2014

    We installed solar edge inverter with optimizers,the system was wired wrong by one of our "fng's".the inverter was going be

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  7. Have a customer asking us to see if mfg. of panels has a certificate stating they are qualified to receive the fed. tax credit?

    Asked 04/03/2014

    Used ET panels, did a 9600 W grid tie installation, and now my customer wants all the info on how to apply for the federal tax credit.

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  8. what is the main design difference between a grid tied inverter and off grid inverter?

    Asked 03/31/2014

    1- What is the main difference between a grid tied inverter and an off grid inverter in respect of their internal design characteristic?

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  9. Hi, can i have micro-inverter configuration used for an off-grid with an string inverter backup solution?

    Asked 03/31/2014

    I will like to use a string of micro-inverters on a PV-array to deliver AC through a string inverter so that the battery bank attached to th

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  10. Can AC power from a micro-inverter into a string inverters AC input to charge batteries while excess powers home? How feasible?

    Asked 03/29/2014

    I will like to use 26 micro-inverters with 26 300W-PVs in an array to deliver AC to a string inverters AC input.


  11. Hi, Can the Enphase trunk cable be split to two 120V circuits? Thank you - Les

    Asked 03/27/2014

    Hi, Can the Enphase trunk cable be split to two 120V circuits?

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  12. Will clouds effect performance of my inverter?

    Asked 03/18/2014

    I have two solar inverters one a (Ever inverter 3 kv), with 16x185 watt panels and the other a (SMA solar inverter 4 kw), with 16x250 wa

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  13. With outdoor temperatures reaching 128F in Havasu are panel mounted inverters a good idea?

    Asked 03/15/2014

    My local installer has told me he does not install AC panels for that reason.

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  14. Is the SMA Sunny Boy 2500 U inverter compatible with SMA Sunny Boy 2500HF-US inverter?

    Asked 03/13/2014


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  15. Many thanks for your support. Again how do i calculate battery power into watts. ei 9000 watts of DC would be how many 12 dcv a

    Asked 03/13/2014

    Many thanks for your support.  Again, how do i calculate battery power into watts.

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  16. How many PV 250 watts needed for 8KVA sOLAR iNVERTER

    Asked 03/12/2014

    How many PV 250 watts are needed for 8KVA Solar Inverter?

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  17. Would you recommend wall mounting solar panels?

    Asked 03/04/2014

    The project in question is a stucco over wood construction wall facing at 225 degrees at 32.7150° N longitude (San Diego, CA).  Space wou

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  18. I am a structural engineer. Is it possible to purchase the software that does the structural presentation?

    Asked 02/24/2014

    I am a structural engineer.  Is it possible to purchase the software that does the structural presentation?

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  19. Why is my JA panel not listed or recognized by my utility?

    Asked 02/24/2014

    What if my utility does not recognize my panels?

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  20. What is the required fire rating in California for all PV Solar modules?

    Asked 02/17/2014

    I understand that there has been a change in the requirements for California regarding the fire ratings PV panels (Modules are required to

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  21. For 70kW DC grid tie on a TPO 5 degree slanted roof

    Asked 02/16/2014

    Hi There, I need your help for: For 70kW DC grid tie on a TPO 5 degree slanted roof what racking do you recommend?

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  22. Proper product for strain relief of the PowerOne trunk cable directly into the Soladeck box?

    Asked 02/01/2014

    The outer diameter of the cable is 15mm or about 9/16".

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  23. What are the drawbacks of connecting a single phase inverter to 3 phase service voltage?

    Asked 01/24/2014

    If I use a single 5kw inverter set up to output 208VAC single phase on a building with 3 phase 208V service voltage, what are the drawback


  24. How do i hook up a 6x6 cell with 3 bars on it?

    Asked 01/17/2014


  25. What is the difference between Hanwha SolarOne and Hanwha Q Cells?

    Asked 01/15/2014

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