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  1. I want to use Tigo Maximizers for an off-grid project. Is it required to use the Energy Maximizer Management Unit?

    Asked 07/22/2014


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  2. Would you recommend wall mounting solar panels?

    Asked 03/04/2014

    The project in question is a stucco over wood construction wall facing at 225 degrees at 32.7150° N longitude (San Diego, CA).  Space wou

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  3. How can I replace the elevation motor in a Sonnensystem tracker?

    Asked 12/10/2013

    How can I replace the elevation motor in a Sonnensystem tracker? Is there a manual for that?


  4. What nuts and bolts do I need for the Prosolar channel nuts?

    Asked 12/03/2013

    Hi, We are changing out solar panels and need some replacement parts - 5/16" sliding inserts (channel nuts) which I can find onlin

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  5. What type of inverter will I need for an 8kW string?

    Asked 11/27/2013


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  6. Do installations with transformerless inverters require combiner boxes with OCPD?

    Asked 02/22/2013

    Hello, To my knowledge in installations with only 1 or 2 series strings a combiner box is generally unnecessary as the strings ca

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  7. How can you connect two similar inverters to a single phase panel?

    Asked 01/07/2013

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  8. Splicing Enphase string cable

    Asked 11/12/2012

    I need to modify an Enphase micro inverter string cable.

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  9. Is it acceptable for solar panels to extend beyond the ridge of a sloped roof?

    Asked 10/31/2012

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  10. How many panels can you monitor with a single Enphase Envoy IEMU-03?

    Asked 10/22/2012

    I am working on a 50 kW solar project where I want to use Enphase micro-inverters.

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  11. How do I adjust for voids on a roof?

    Asked 09/18/2012

    I have an older structure that has a roof where the truss based roof is not completely flat in areas.  I haven't taken any measuremen

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  12. How do I install and flash a standoff on a asphalt roof?

    Asked 09/17/2012

    Hi All, I'm using standoffs to fasten a Ironridge rail system to a asphalt roof (3 tab) But not being a prof.

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  13. New to solar installation, need guidance with component selection

    Asked 09/12/2012

    So I have a collection of panels, inverters, racking and wiring to rack jboxes. After that then what?

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  14. How do I connect a Fronius inverter to the web for monitoring?

    Asked 09/12/2012

    I would like to connect a Fronius IG Plus 7.5 to the web for monitoring. There seem to be many different networking options offered.

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  15. For an existing grid-tied PV system, does Civic Solar have a retrofit for standby operation when the grid goes down?

    Asked 09/11/2012

    Most grid-tied systems are for net metering.  But when the grid is down, there is no power reference, and the inverters don't work. 

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  16. One of my UniSolar PVL-68 panels is coming loose from the roof. What adhesive can I use to reattach?

    Asked 09/04/2012

    One of my UniSolar PVL-68 panels is coming loose from the roof. What adhesive can I use to reattach them? Thanks, Tobey

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  17. Installation manual for SR 8

    Asked 09/01/2012

    Where can I download the manual for the SR 8 controller?

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  18. How do I calculate Vtoc/Vtmp for a string sizing using the Outback charge controller tool?

    Asked 08/21/2012

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  19. What are your options for backfeeding an electrical system that is fed with 3 phase 120/240volt containing a 240 volt hi leg on?

    Asked 08/13/2012

    The panel we will have to back feed off of the inverter has a 240 volt hi leg on the B phase.

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  20. I am currently using 2 Trace SW4024 to produce 240 AC. Two of my neighbors have been hit by lightning, destroying one or both

    Asked 08/06/2012

    I am using 2 Trace 4024 units to produce 240 vac for my home.  Two of my neighbors have been hit by lightning, destroying their units.

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  21. Can you wire an Enphase M210 240VAC at 208VAC?

    Asked 07/24/2012

    Word on the street is that Enphase is discontinuing the 208VAC version of the M210.  This puts a major hiccup in our project pipeline.

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  22. How do you tie 6 panels in a series?

    Asked 07/23/2012

    How do I tie 6 Schott 225 watt panels together?

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  23. How do you parallel the MS4024?

    Asked 07/19/2012

    I'm looking to parallel two Magnum MS4024s, and I'm curious if you need a special cable to do so.  Any suggestions?

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  24. Low RFI MPPT

    Asked 07/18/2012

    I'm looking for a MPPT controller that could work with NiFe battery bank, 12V nominal, but wants to see about 15V finishing chgMax PV

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  25. What is the difference between PV wire and USE-2 solar wire?

    Asked 07/18/2012

    I am thinking about using one of the new transformerless inverters, either the Astronergy / Chint Power inverters or the KACO New Energy i

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