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  1. Could you help with sizing these batteries?

    Asked 03/07/2012

    I am upgrading p/s's for secv  and the existing batteries are deka dominators. A1 date what is the batt.

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  2. Where would I find the question I just asked and or the answer?

    Asked 02/28/2012

     Could I use any of the solar batteries for a 12volt trolling motors? 40&30 lbs thrust

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  3. What is the best battery for 2-60 watt solar panels?

    Asked 02/07/2012

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  4. Can I replace my 6 Trojan 6 volt 105 batteries with 3 Deka 12 volt Gel batteries for my golf cart?

    Asked 01/30/2012

    I have an EZ-Go golf cart and heard you can replace the 6 Trojan 6 volt 105 batteries with 3 Deka 12 volt Gel batteries. I am wondering if

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  5. I have some deka 12gvr-75 gel batteries. Can I use them in a solar system?

    Asked 01/10/2012

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  6. Does the amount of sunshine affect the type of batteries I need?

    Asked 12/13/2011

    I don't get a lot of sunshine.  I need a diesel generator.  Does this affect the type of batteries I need?

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  7. Please advice a 24VDC/ 220 VAC inverter for my solar system

    Asked 10/15/2011

    I currently have 4 -205 watt  24 volt  solar panels, 6 lifeline glass mat 255 ah batteries connected in series for 24 volts DC  and a 440


  8. Can you mix batteries in a battery bank?

    Asked 09/16/2011

    The batteries for my off-grid solar/wind system are 7 years old. I have 4 with one dead cell. My battery system contains 12 batteries.

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