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  1. How do you terminate 4/0 cable to a Xantrex C65 controller? Lugs aren't that big

    Asked 07/11/2012

    According to the wiring guide I will need 4/0 cable for my 60-foot run from the 25-amp panel array to the battery room.

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  2. Any charge controllers and inverters protected from EMP?

    Asked 08/18/2011

    Is there any charge controllers or inverters harden for an EMP. (Electro magnetic pulse)

    Question – 3 comments

  3. Why do I need a load connection on a charge controller?

    Asked 08/05/2011

    I just got a Morningstar Sunlight charge controller. I connected the controller to the PV system and the battery.

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  4. What is the Modbus protocol?

    Asked 08/05/2011

    I hear the term a lot for charge controllers, adapters and inverters.

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  5. On the Apollo Solar Charge Controller, what are the steps to fix a high input Voltage Error?

    Asked 06/16/2011

    We have an Apollo Solar Turbo Charge Controller and when we applied the input voltage battery to the charge controller the display LCD sho

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  6. Is the RShunt required for the Apollo Solar T80 Turbo Charge Controller?

    Asked 06/14/2011

    We have a Apollo Solar T80 Turbo Charge Controller 80A.  It is a fantastic product, however is the Apollo Solar RShunt 500/50 required to

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