Solectria Inverters, 266000 to 440000 Watts – We found 2 products



Solectria solar inverters have the highest efficiency in the solar PV industry. Solectria PVI solar inverters are made for residential and commercial grid tie solar PV applications. Solectria SGI solar inverters delivers maximum power for commercial photovoltaic installations. Solectria is one of the industry leaders in the world, and all designed in the USA, thus making Solectria inverters Buy American ARRA compliant.

Solectria Renewables designs and manufactures premium efficiency, high reliability power electronics and systems for renewable power generation. We also offer engineering services for renewable power systems and distributed power generation.

Solectria Renewables, LLC, of Lawrence, Massachusetts is a leader in the development and manufacture of photovoltaic inverters for renewable power applications. Products include inverters that range from 1.8 kW to 500 kW, web-based monitoring equipment and string combiners. Solectria Renewables has a 20-year background in inverters and other electronic power systems for harsh environments.

Additionally, Solectria Renewables provides a one-stop resource for fused string combiners, SolrenView data monitoring solutions as well as disconnects, meters and more. Modbus communication is available for commercial and utility scale inverters.     

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    Product Order Min AC Power Rating Unit Price $/w
Solectria SGI 266 kW 480 VAC Inverter Solectria SGI 266 kW 480 VAC Inverter
Manufacturer Part #: SGI-266-480V
CivicSolar Part #: cs-9559
1 266000 $71,426.67 $0.269
Solectria SGI 300 kW 480 VAC Inverter Solectria SGI 300 kW 480 VAC Inverter
Manufacturer Part #: SGI-300-480V
CivicSolar Part #: cs-9302
1 300000 $64,491.97 $0.215