Unirac SunFrame 202001D 192 inch "C" Bronze Capstrip 1pc DRK

CivicSolar Part #:cs-24491
Manufacturer Part #:202001D
Product Category:Racking & Mounting
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Unirac SunFrame 202001D 192 inch "C" Bronze Capstrip 1pc DRK

SunFrame Capstrips

  • C Type cap strips for 34– 36 mm modules (1.34” - 1.42”)
  • Require minimum of two cap strips and two rails per order.
  • Requires ¾-inch cap strip screw.

Unirac SunFrame

(Select finish to match PV module frames- Clear or Bronze)

Unirac’s SunFrame system leads the PV market with its superior aesthetics. Its sleek design is engineered to sit low to the roof without gaps and implements shared rails for the best value.

Low and clean lines give SunFrame two advantages. The finished array stands off the roof just enough for cooling air flow to optimize module performance while all modules sit in low, gap-free rows without protrusions from the sides of the array.

Old Unirac Part ID: 321103

Technical Specifications

Bronze Anodized (dark)
Product Type:
Pitched roof

General Information

Roof Mount
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PDF Document Unirac SunframeBrochure Datasheet & Collateral
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