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SunPumps Submersible Pump, 2 HP, SCS 32-160

CivicSolar Part #:cs-7809
Manufacturer Part #:SCS 32-160
Product Category:Installation Supplies
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SunPumps Submersible Pump, 2 HP, 180 Volts DC, SCS 32-160

SunPumps SCS 32-160 is a 2 HP brushless DC submersible pump. The pump can be operated at five different nominal voltages. Each voltage has a optimal head and flow rate design point. They are as follows:

• At 180 volts DC the peak efficiency point is 32 GPM at 160 feet of head.

• At 150 volts DC the peak efficieny point is 27 GPM at 127 feet of head.

• At 120 volts DC the peak efficieny point is 25 GPM at 80 feet of head.

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SCS 32-160

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