Solectria PVI 95 kW 600 VAC Inverter

CivicSolar Part #:cs-24185
Manufacturer Part #:PVI-95-600V
Product Category:Inverters

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Overview: Integrated PV Inverter

The Solectria Renewables PVI 60KW, PVI 82KW and PVI 95KW are rugged, DSP-controlled PV inverters for grid connected commercial, industrial and utility 3-phase PV systems. The core of the inverter, a 600VDC version of Solectria Renewables' proven DMGI 660 distributed generation inverter, uses state of the art control techniques and devices including space vector PWM, a precision MPT algorithm, and low-loss trench-gate IGBTs. With peak inverter power electronics efficiency up to 98% (96.5% including the transformer) and fully integrated packaging, these inverters set a new industry standard for efficiency, ease of installation, reliability and installed cost.  


  • 40-95kW; 60Hz; 600, 480, 240 or 208VAC; 3-phase, grid-tied commercial PV systems (50-115kW DC-STC array).
  • Multiple inverters can be used together for 150, 200, 500kW, MW or larger PV systems.
  • Designed for mounting as desired, indoor/outdoor, driving rain and drifting snow: rooftop/groundwall. Can be used for other renewable and distributed generation applications such as wind power, hydro, geothermal and biomass as new technologies develop.

Features & Options

  • Fully integrated design includes transformer, filters, and heavy duty, visible blade AC & DC disconnects, (optional DC combiner-fuses).
  • No nighttime standby losses
  • Simple set-up and connections (connect DC from PV strings and 3-phase AC connections).
  • Precision DSP-controlled Maximum Power Tracking Algorithm.
  • High-reliability design, based on 20 years of power electronics products, includes sealed power and signal control electronics, high-efficiency magnetics.
  • Optional fused DC sub-combiner (2-48 fuses, 8-250A).
  • Optional stainless steel enclosure & disconnects.
  • Optional forward facing disconnects option (version).
  • Optional positive grounding version.


  • RS485, MODBUS RTU standard for communication with SCADA system.
  • User-navigable LCD display.
  • SolrenView Inverter-Direct data monitoring option, Ethernet is standard. Compatible with other web-monitoring services.

Safety  Features

  • Electronic temperature protection, intelligent cooling
  • DC ground-fault detection and interrupt.
  • Current and voltage limit protections
  • Standards-compliance: Listed to UL1741IEEE Std1547) and tested to NY SIR Surge Test Requirements (IEEE 62.41). Listed on CEC's eligible equipment list. 

Warranty Information

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Electrical Specifications

Peak Inverter Efficiency:
CEC Weighted Efficiency:
Maximum DC Input Voltage:
Maximum DC Input Current:
AC Nominal Voltage:
480 V
AC Frequency:
Continous AC Power Output:
Nominal AC Voltage:

Mechanical Data & Components

76 × 56 × 25.3 inches
1610 pounds

General Information

Three-phase Grid tied
Model ID/Number:
Product Line:

Datasheets & Collateral

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PDF Document Solectria 60-82-95 Kw Datasheet Datasheet & Collateral
PDF Document PVI60-95Installation and Operation Manual Datasheet & Collateral


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PDF Document Solectria PVI 60-95 kW Warranty Warranty
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