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SatCon Solstice 100kW 208VAC Inverter and 4 Combiner Boxes

CivicSolar Part #:cs-2600
Manufacturer Part #:SDMS-100-UL-208
Product Category:Inverters

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Satcon Solstice 100 kW System Solution

Satcon Solstice enables centralized, intelligent management of the entire PV system along with the flexibility of localized control over every component in the array, from the panel, to a single string, to the inverter, to the grid - thus serving as a total system solution.

String Level Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

Ensures that the negative effects of module shading, soiling, and aging mismatch are minimized and contained within the string. 

DC to DC Conversion

String level DC to DC conversion boosts string voltages to a higher, fixed level, reducing line losses and allowing the inverter to operate more efficiently. Higher voltages result in lower current, permitting the use of smaller gauge cable, and a reduction in wiring costs. The entire DC/DC conversion is accomplished with an efficiency of 99%.

Reduced Balance of System Expense by 20-25% While Gaining Greater Design Flexibility

  • Utilize smaller gauge, lower cost cable
  • Decreased conduit size requirements
  • Lower installed costs due to factory integrated total system design
  • Greater design flexibility by ability to use different panel technologies, power ratings, vintages, sizes, mounts, and brands in the same array

Total System Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Control

  • String level instrumentation provides greater visibility to poorly behaving elements in the system
  • Bidirectional communication allows you to send commands, and receive status and operating characteristics from the inverter.
  • Ability to sense, identify and mitigate ground faults as they occur - in milliseconds

AC Side System Value

  • Control of real and reactive power
  • Ability to stop, start and restart a solar PV power plant remotely
  • Controllable ride-thru
  • Dynamic VAR generation
  • Simplified Utility SCADA system integration via the Solstice PV site controller

Electrical Specifications

CEC Weighted Efficiency:
Maximum DC Input Voltage:
AC Nominal Voltage:
208 V
AC Frequency:
Continous AC Power Output:
Nominal AC Voltage:

Mechanical Data & Components

67.87 × 85.72 × 23.39 inches
2605 pounds

General Information

Three-phase Grid tied
Model ID/Number:
Product Line:
Safety Ratings & Certifications: 
1547, C62.41.2, C62.45, C37.90.1, C37.90.2
ARRA Compliant

Datasheets & Collateral

Document Type
PDF Document Satcon SDMS-0100 Inverter Data Sheet Datasheet & Collateral
PDF Document SatconPowerGatePlus Brochure Datasheet & Collateral
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