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Locus Energy LGATE 101 Power Meter Bundle

CivicSolar Part #:cs-13177
Manufacturer Part #:SPPVB5-101
Manufacturer:Locus Energy
Product Category:Monitoring
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Locus Energy LGATE 101 Power Meter - Revenue-grade power  meter - 5 Yrs Data  

The LGate 101 can monitor nearly any type of solar energy system. Regardless of inverter or panel type, it can measure energy production with a high degree of accuracy. As a datalogger, it has a variety of digital and analog inputs enabling direct communication with third-party devices such as inverters and meteorological sensors. Performance data is aggregated and uploaded automatically to the Locus Energy Smart Monitoring website which provides custom tools and analytics to all project stakeholders.


The LGate uses a hard-wired voltage reference and current transformers (CTs) to measure power. There are inputs for up to three CTs allowing the LGate to measure both solar energy generation and whole-house electrical consumption. It can also gather data from up to 16 third-party devices simultaneously which is collected via RS485 and Modbus RTU protocols. All data feeds are stored in non-volatile memory and then uploaded with unique identi"ers to provide maximum # exibility as to how the data is presented online.


The LGate 101 is a plug and play device supporting a multitude of connectivity options. It can communicate over Ethernet, powerline carrier (PLC), or cellular networks. Hard-wired Ethernet is the preferred connection method, but if this is unavailable, the LGate features a built in 110V outlet for easy installation of a PLC adapter. Data is transmitted only in outbound sessions over open ports requiring no additional network or "rewall con"guration. The connection and commissioning process is further simpli"ed by the LGate’s LED lights which indicate communication status without installers having to log in or call home. 

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