Fronius CL 60.0 WYE277 60 kW Inverter

CivicSolar Part #:cs-12629
Manufacturer Part #:CL-60-WYE-277
Product Category:Inverters
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Fronius CL 55.5 Delta / 60.0 Wye277 Central Inverter

  • Unique system design with the Fronius MIX™ concept
  • High-yield power electronics
  • Intelligent cooling
  • Simple planning and easy installation
  • Comprehensive system monitoring
  • Available in 55.5 kW Delta 208/240V or 60.0 kW WYE277 configurations

Unique system design with the Fronius MIX™ concept.
Nine power modules operate in the Fronius CL 60.0 accomplishing something great together. This combination of several power modules has many advantages: maximum earnings in partial load ranges, high system stability, long service life and easy servicing.

Highest partial load efficiency.
Nine identical power modules divide up the work in the MIX™ concept. The individual power racks are turned off and on automatically depending on the insolation power. This ensures that the load is optimized and yield is always at maximum – even while raining, when cloudy or at dusk.

Unsurpassed reliability.
The Fronius CL creates a redundant system because it integrates several smaller power modules that work together. If one power module should fail, the others simply take up the slack. In comparison: when the power module fails in monolithic systems, the entire system stops operating and this leads to considerable loss of earnings. The Fronius MIX™ concept ensures that the inverter remains in operation even when there is a defect in a power module and this helps to lock in your earnings.

Note: Inverter must be ordered with required base.

Warranty Information

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Electrical Specifications

Peak Inverter Efficiency:
CEC Weighted Efficiency:
Recommended PV Input (STC):
Maximum DC Input Voltage:
Maximum DC Input Current:
AC Nominal Voltage:
277 V
Continous AC Power Output:
Nominal AC Voltage:

Mechanical Data & Components

43.5 × 76.6 × 31.4 inches
783 pounds

General Information

Model ID/Number:
CL 60.0 WYE277
Product Line:
Safety Ratings & Certifications: 

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PDF Document Fronius_CL_operating_manual_2 Datasheet & Collateral


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