Deltec Company 500 Amp Shunt 50mV for all meters

CivicSolar Part #:cs-11168
Manufacturer Part #:MKB-500-50
Manufacturer:Deltec Company
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Deltec Company 500 Amp Shunt 50mV for all meters

This Deltec shunt goes with the TriMetric system monitor/meter. Rated at 500A/50mV.
A shunt is necessary in order to measure amps and amp-hours with the TriMetric battery monitor. A shunt is an accurate, very low resistance resistor which is placed "in line" with the wire carrying the current to be measured. With the TriMetric, it is usually placed in the negative wire from the battery bank, such that all the current going into the battery (charging) or out (discharging) must pass through it. Connected in this way it will be set up to monitor "net" amp-hours in and out of the battery. (It also could be placed in series with the negative wire coming from a solar array--or other charging source--in which case it would measure only the solar array current, if that were desired--to show total solar "amp hours" production.) The shunt needs to be placed near the batteries; since these wires carry very high currents the wires from the batteries must be kept short to minimize electrical losses.

Deltec shunts

Deltec DC Ammeter shunts are designed to provide the highest Quality Performance possible while maintaining their rugged construction characteristics. The shunts are designed and calibrated at the factory to have standard accuracy of 1/4%.

The MK series of shunts are manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of MILS161B military specifications. Most Deltec shunt models can be supplied at either a 50 millivolt or a 100 millivolt range.


The terminal blocks on the shunts are made of high quality brass to allow proper heat dissipation and provide strong support for the entire shunt. The resistance blades are made from manganin shunt metal for it's low temperature co-efficient, long term stability and strength. The manganin strips are soldered into slots in the brass terminal blocks with high quality solder to provide a strong, lasting bond. Where mounting bases are provided, high strength phenolic is used with mounting holes designed in for ease of use.

Shunts are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year.


For continuous operation, it is recommended that shunts are not used at more than 2/3 of the rated current under normal operation conditions. Shunts should be located in an area where freely circulating air is available.

If this is not possible adequate forced ventilation should be provided to keep the shunt operating temperature below 145C.

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