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TTI is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative solar photovoltaic (PV) products. Founded by experienced building contractors and solar integrators, TTI develops and builds its products for ease of use, elegance in design, and quality and longevity in performance.

From the high-performance SunSeeker® Single-Axis Tracker to the sleek and efficient Flat Jack® roof mount, TTI offers the latest tracking technology and the most dependable mounting systems for solar photovoltaic installations.
By offering fresh, innovative solutions for your market's ever-changing installation needs, including the Floatovoltaic™ water-floating PV system, TTI is moving energy forward.

Companies worldwide rely on TTI's products -- which are designed to the highest manufacturing standards in the world, field-tested and include best of breed technologies. All are patent pending. TTI wants to be your partner for leading edge PV products and installation solutions.

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Thompson Technology

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