Sharp is dedicated to two principal ideas: sincerity and creativity.

By committing ourselves to these ideals, we derive genuine satisfaction from our work while making a meaningful contribution to society.

It's been nearly a half-century since Sharp's first reliable solar-power solution was used in a lighthouse. It's also when our vision for a clean, solar-powered world led us to develop solar systems for a broad range of applications. From satellites, telecommunications, water pumps, remote houses and safety signals, to grid-tied homes, businesses and large solar farms, Sharp has manufactured a variety of products that harvest abundant, inexhaustible solar energy — all to deliver electricity. Forty-five years and countless innovations later, we're a global leader in solar, providing the systems to power more homes and businesses than any other solar manufacturer in the world.

Today, we offer a vast portfolio of proven solar solutions, including both monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon. And we continue to look forward, developing new technologies for future generations of solutions, all leading to higher-value products for your application.

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