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Since 1968, IOTA Engineering has worked continuously in the electronic R & D field, designing and manufacturing innovative products for the lighting industry. Initially focused on the development of low voltage solid state ballasts, IOTA has since expanded to include additional product lines. Emergency battery packs for contemporary lighting designs, DC inverter ballasts, voltage regulators, and products for electrical systems, such as AC/DC power converters and transfer switches, represent the wide array of products that IOTA currently designs and manufactures. 

IOTA is continually expanding its development of high-tech electronics as it keeps pace with customer needs and industry demands. From the circuit board design to the completed unit, IOTA designs and develops products that maintain superior performance throughout the evolution of technology. By evaluating current and future industry requirements and utilizing state-of-the-art components, IOTA is dedicated to providing the best products in the industry. 

To maintain a superior level of performance and assure customer satisfaction, IOTA implements an extensive Quality Control program that evaluates quality throughout the manufacturing process - from incoming supplies to works-in-progress and completed units. The use of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) provides an additional level of quality assurance by augmenting the testing process and allowing for the accumulation of extremely accurate test data. Resulting ATE test data is analyzed for acceptability and kept on file for future comparison and reference.

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