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Kipp and Zonen – We found 3 products

Kipp and Zonen

Kipp and Zonen

Kipp & Zonen provides class-leading instruments for measuring solar radiation and atmospheric properties in Meteorology, Climatology, Hydrology, Industry, Renewable Energy, Agriculture and Public Health.

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Kipp & Zonen SP Lite2 Silicon Pyranometer Kipp & Zonen SP Lite2 Silicon Pyranometer
Manufacturer Part #: 0339920-001
CivicSolar Part #: cs-8604
1 $548.13
Kipp & Zonen SMP3 Pyranometer Kipp & Zonen SMP3 Pyranometer
Manufacturer Part #: SMP3
CivicSolar Part #: cs-111278
1 $1,335.94
Kipp & Zonen SMP11 Pyranometer Kipp & Zonen SMP11 Pyranometer
Manufacturer Part #: SMP11
CivicSolar Part #: cs-111281
1 $3,206.25