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How do you stack two SMA inverters when they are far from each other?

I'd like to stack to SMA Sunny boy SB6000 inverters but they are 70ft away from each other. What do you do?



The term "stacking" usually refers to the combinng of two DC-AC inverters to either double their power output or produce 240VAC from two 120VAC inverters for off-grid loads. A special cable is generally used to make one inverter the master and one the slave.

The SMA SB6000US is a grid tied inverter that gets its input power from PV modules wired in series - not batteries. It is already syncing with the AC grid at 240VAC. 

So if you are asking about stacking, you must mean "wiring in parallel".  Inverters can be wired in parallel as long as they have the correct overcurrent protection design.