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Do you need to use a WEEB with the Cooper B-Line SHDMID20-31P clamp?

I am building my solar racking with strut rail and want to use the Cooper B-Line SHDMID20-31P and the SHDEND20-31P clamps to clamp down my panels.  Do I need to use the WEEB or will the clamp's teeth bond the panels to the strut rail? 


Yes, the Cooper B-Line clamps, designed for strut, require a WEEB WMC to bond the panel to the rail.

You can either buy the WEEB WMC separately and add them Cooper B-Line clamps or buy the them Clamps that have the WEEB per-assembled.

Here is the submittal for each of the options.

If you are building your racking from plain steel (unlikely), zinc or hot dipped strut, then there is another issue the weeb solves: Aluminum and all of the above materials will cause agressive electrolysis - especially in the presence of moisture or salt laden air. The weeb works really well by separating the two with a layer of stainless steel.