Can I replace my 6 Trojan 6 volt 105 batteries with 3 Deka 12 volt Gel batteries for my golf cart?

I have an EZ-Go golf cart and heard you can replace the 6 Trojan 6 volt 105 batteries with 3 Deka 12 volt Gel batteries. I am wondering if this is possible and what type of Deka Gel Batteries, would be needed to complete this project.

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Some golf cart manufacturers specify what battery is required, and you have to ask them for approval to avoid loosing the warrantee. If your cart is out of warrantee, then check these items:

  1. Will the new battery fit?
  2. What type of battery will your charger support (Flooded, Gel, AGM, etc...)
Your voltage needs to match the old voltage - you can achieve 36 volts with 6 or 12 volt batteries. So, if the battery fits (make sure it doesn't short out on the enclosure and that it is locked down) and your charger can charge a Gel battery, then it should be fine.

Perhaps the most critical issues comes from the battery charger, it must be suited to charges gel batteries and the full charge cutoff voltage for a gel battery is about 0.2V lower (for a 12V battery) than a lead acid battery.

Also the charge rate for gel batteries is lower than flooded and AGM and this can affect the golf cart usage pattern.