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I have a X Power Inverter 1750 Plus Xantrex and when turned on it goes to fault. Any ideas?

Xantrex XPower Inverter 1750



I don't see an Xpower 1750 listed anywhere, but the 1500 manual says this re. the fault indicator:
  1. Low input voltage
  2. High input voltage
  3. Thermal shutdown
  4. Unit overload
  5. Output is short circuited.
Recharge the battery; check the connections 
and cable. Make sure the inverter is connected to a 12 V 
battery (and polarity is correct). Check the voltage regulation of the charging 
system. Allow the unit to cool off. Reduce the load if continuous operation is required. Improve ventilation. Make sure the inverter’s ventilation openings are not obstructed. Reduce the ambient temperature.Reduce the load. Make sure the load does not exceed the inverter’s output rating. Remove the short circuit.